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Desktop PC repair
Desktop PC Repair
Contact No.
04-801 8882
Office Address
78 Tory St, Te Aro
Wellington 6011
Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 930am - 530pm
Sat: 930am - 130pm
Sunday : Off
Public Holiday : Off

Below are some common desktop issues we fix:

  • Below are some common desktop PC issues we fix

  • Cracked or damaged cases

  • Faulty motherboards 

  • Performance and slow boot-up

  • Wi-Fi and networking problems

  • Virus and software issues

  • Faulty hard drives and optical drives (Blu-ray / DVD)

Laptop Repair
laptop repair

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Below are some common laptop issues we fix:

  • Faulty power supplies, batteries & charging problems

  • Cracked or damaged screens

  • Faulty keyboards & touchpads

  • Performance & slow boot-up

  • Wireless & network problems

  • Virus & software issues

Turn Around and Process
turn around and process

Dropping off your device for repairs

Inspection and confirmation of quote

Upon receiving your device for repairs we will inspect to confirm the nature of the fault and contact you to confirm the costs for repairs. The inspection process is usually completed within 1 - 2 working days but may take longer depends on workshop job load of the day.

Repair Process
repair process

Upon completing the inspection and contacting you to advise the costs of repairs, if you give us the authority to proceed with the repair job we will set about completing the repairs as quickly as possible. Most repairs can be completed within a few working days but there may be delays if the part not locally avaible

We Built & Assemble Computer
We Built Computer
Motherboard Installation

Custom Gaming PC - Micro, Medium , Large

Custom Home & Office PC 

Workstation PC - Engineering, Graphic, High Performance

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